Smartfruit SmartPump

Smartfruit SmartPump

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Use this pumps with SmartFruit™ liquid smoothie/juice products. There’s no need to pour product according to the measuring lines found on your blender jar; Simply follow the recipe printed on the bottle and pump your way to the perfect smoothie, every time!

Yields 1oz. per pump - 1 pump per purchase

Installing the SmartPump is easy:
Remove Smartfruit bottle cap.
Make sure the extension tube is connected to upper portion of the SmartPump.
Insert SmartPump to the bottle and screw the top. When inserting the pump, its lower portion should be slightly tilted sideways, to avoid the elevated area at the center bottom of the bottle.

Tip: Rinse thoroughly a used Smartfruit bottle, fill with filtered water or milk, add a SmartPump and dispense with portion control.

Pumps are reusable and can be easily cleaned! We recommend that all pumps be cleaned regularly and between use in different bottles.